Dad’s work: Figure it out

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  • The family told me, “Tuning Arthur (the previous cello) took 20 minutes working with the teacher on line.”
  • “The bridge is not glued, they fall out.” They know because that’s what happened to Arthur.
  • “Strings break if you tune them too far or too fast.” Arthur was spared this fate, but that’s what we heard.
  • “You don’t know anything about the cello. (Or stringed instruments. Or instruments. Or music, pretty much.)”
  1. That fear of breaking things is not a reason not to try. You won’t break it. Well, you might, but you probably won’t and if you do, you can fix it. And if you can’t, well, then you can hire someone. There is always a way.
  2. Study the world. Learn its ways. What you learn over here is useful over there. Tuning a cello is not that different from tuning an engine or making a nice omelet.



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Moe Rubenzahl

Moe Rubenzahl

What CEOs need to know about marketing. I bring 35 years of big-company marketing experience to small companies and their CEOs.